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Thread: 11/111 Hunter XP

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    11/111 Hunter XP

    I was looking at the Savage Arms site. I noticed that these seem to be the last current production rifles from Savage with the bolt release on top and not on the bottom by the trigger guard. Has any one bought one of these? I got some questions if you did. Are they still with the bolt release on the top? Are they the same as classic model 10/11's that accept aftermarket stocks and other parts? Action screw spacing still the same? What does the safety button look like? Tear drop or straight like Stevens 200? Is the magazine center-feed and like other current savage mags? I ask here because I can't find any reviews out there on the internet. I would like to see one from, in my opinion they do a good job. If you have one would you post some pics of action.


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    Re: 11/111 Hunter XP

    Go to AuctionArms website. They have posted page after page of new in box Savages. You might find one on there to look at.

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    Re: 11/111 Hunter XP

    I checked gunbroker and gunsamerica. I looked for auctionarms but I didn't realized they changed the name to gunauction, thanks el lobo. I did find some pictures of the mag and safety.

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    Re: 11/111 Hunter XP

    I just ordered a 11 TH XP from Buds a few days ago. I'll try to let you know the details of it when it arrives. Im sure you'll find the info you need before then though.

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    Re: 11/111 Hunter XP

    Quote Originally Posted by 95silverstallion
    I just ordered a 11 TH XP from Buds a few days ago. I'll try to let you know the details of it when it arrives. Im sure you'll find the info you need before then though.
    I believe the 11 TH XP is the Trophy Hunter XP with the Nikon scope, accu-trigger, and bottom bolt release. The 11 Hunter XP has a Bushnell scope, no accu-trigger, and top/side bolt release. At least that's what the pictures on the Savage Arms website show. Let me know how you like the 11 TH XP. What caliber did you purchase?

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    Re: 11/111 Hunter XP

    I went with .308. I wanted something really common so 308 and 30-06 was really my only choices.

    Im quite surprised at how much of the details of the guns and scopes are left out on each specific maunfacturers website

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    I have a savage 111 international trophy hunter. I think its the xp. in 300 win mag. It came with the acutriger and a 24 inch barrel with no brake. It does have the bolt release at the top of the trigger frame. It takes some getting used to to get the bolt out with out an extra hand while pulling the trigger and pushing the button. But i love this gun. The 3x9 nikon was pretty much wortless for me, but would be fine for people shooting inside of 200 yards but it looks good on my 1022. I topped it with a nikon monarch 6-20 and a weaver 20 moa rail. Out of the box with with the nikon on i was drilling a 16x24 target at 760 yards using factory amax ammo. I just got my first hand loads dialed in this week and I hope to hit the 1120 yard target. Ill post back after I get out of the mountains.

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